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Support Staff

Kellie Martin-Evans

Project Co-Ordinator

Kellie's background encompasses all aspects of the commercial project from Project Management, Job Site Safety, and Installation. This unique knowledge is a valuable asset to the team. She reviews, accesses, and accurately calculates quantities in record time. This allows Modular Designs to meet tight deadlines and requested bid due dates. She is a team player and always willing to help out. Her attention to details ensures an accurate assessment of the project process. 


Conner Robison

Warehouse Manager

Conner comes to us with previous warehouse experience and his organizational skills allows our projects to flow effortlessly.  We rely on him to work with our Suppliers and Installers for a smooth installation process. We can trust him to do the right thing even when no one is watching. 

Position is Available


Modular Designs is looking to fill this position. If interested please reach out to Leah Martin-Evans. 

Ardajia "Daisey" Cousar

Project Co-Ordinator

Daisey is one of our newest additions to the team. She provides the Account Executives in her team with take-off and assists in all aspects of the project from start to finish. She excels at attention to details, which is valuable to her team. 

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